Deeper Dive Qigong: Small Circle and Small Heaven Meditations

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This course gives you preparation and instruction for how to do the classic qigong meditations of the Small Circle and the Small Heavenly Circle (aka the Microcosmic Orbit), plus the qigong healing sounds, and more.

The Small Circle and Small Heaven meditations are known to have many benefits, including:

  • moving chi through important energy channels of the body for improved energy flow to all meridians and organs
  • balancing yin and yang energies
  • building up the protective energy field of the body (known as wei chi)
  • improving overall health
  • clearing away old cultural programming, thereby bringing you into a more authentic expression of yourself.

The qigong healing sounds can be done at any level of qigong practice and help to balance the energy of the 5 major organs of Chinese medicine as part of the preparation for the meditations.

This course includes:

  • 4 1-hour classes which were recorded live
  • 3 downloadable reference charts
  • 7 practice support videos.

The Small Circle and Small Heaven meditations are advanced meditations. This course includes practices to help you prepare to safely and effectively learn these meditations. However, it is strongly recommended that you already have a dedicated qigong practice prior to doing this course.

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Last updated Aug 9, 2023

Deepen your qigong practice with detailed preparation and practice of these classic qigong meditations. Class includes 4 hours of video training, plus downloadable reference charts, and practice support videos.

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Deeper Dive Qigong: Small Circle and Small Heaven Meditations

2 ratings
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