Introduction to Qigong for Women

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Qigong is a body of ancient healing practices from China that have been proven to be effective over 1000's of years of life experience, and by Western science as well.

In this class I focus on presenting qigong practices which are relevant to women's health, along with background information about how and why they work.

These practices are easy to learn and simple to do, yet they can have profoundly positive effects when done regularly.

This course is divided into 5 learning modules, including 5 short qigong routines, with a 6th practice module.

Topics covered include:

  • General qigong and Chinese medicine background information to set the framework for the course
  • Grounding and setting your energy field for an effective practice
  • Specific kidney, liver, and spleen supporting practices and how these enhance women's health
  • Tips for healthy breasts
  • Qigong to reduce stress

The practices in this course encompass gentle movement, self massage, including acupressure points, and meditation.

Each of the first 5 modules has it's own short practice routine based on the information presented. The 6th module is all of the practices combined in one location to make it easy for you to do an extended qigong practice.

The course is comprised of bite sized videos organized by topic, for a total of almost 2.5 hours of video training. Plus you get 10 pages of downloadable notes that summarize the course, including lists of the mini practice routines to help jog your memory when practicing on your own.

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Last updated Aug 9, 2023

Almost 2.5 hours of streaming video training, including 5 short qigong routines, plus 10 pages of downloadable notes

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Introduction to Qigong for Women

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