Transformative Qigong for Women Spring Series

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Transformative Qigong for Women especially for springtime energy - and other times of year too!

This course focuses on liver strengthening (the liver is associated with spring time in Chinese Medicine), healthy lymphatic flow, and staying grounded so as not to be knocked off center by rising springtime energy. Each module builds overall body health too, so fear not! You can do this course at any time of year.

Each module includes a section on pelvic healing and a short meditation to bring you more deeply into connection with your woman's body.

This course covers:

  • grounding and setting your energy field
  • building chi (life force energy) in your body for more vitality
  • supporting healthy liver function
  • supporting overall body health
  • lymphatic cleansing (crucial for detoxification, mineral absorption, and stem cell production for cell regeneration)
  • detailed breakdown of the Swimming Dragon form to help you have healthy lymphatic flow
  • pelvic and womb healing and activation
  • healing meditations for women

This is a recording of a live 6 week course offered April 23 - May 28, 2024. That's 6 hours of class time!

If you've ever wanted to do a live 6-week Transformative Qigong for Women series with me, but the time didn't work, this course is the next best thing!

This course is not about learning a set routine. Rather, each module takes you on a unique physical and energetic journey with your body which will build your health and well being.

Course includes 6 1-hour videos and a downloadable pdf of qigong terminology, plus suggestions for getting the most from this course.

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Last updated Jun 25, 2024

Tons of qigong practices and information in 6 1-hour videos (recorded live), plus a downloadable pdf of qigong terminology and tips for getting the most from the course.

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Transformative Qigong for Women Spring Series

0 ratings
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