Transformative Qigong for Women 2


This is the second class in the Transformative Qigong for Women self-study series.

Transformative Qigong for Women 2 has a special focus on nurturing lung and kidney energies in preparation for the winter season, or for any time you want to build these energies. It also includes healing practices for the female pelvis to bring more awareness, vitality, and reverence for this powerful part of yourself.

The meditative movements and breathing of this qigong sequence help you stay healthy, build your internal energy, soothe your nervous system, and create a loving body connection with yourself.

This is an actual live recorded class of my live weekly online Transformative Qigong for Women class from 11-21-23.

It is suggested that you do this entire class at one time for the first time you do it because it is designed as movement and energy journey which starts at the beginning and takes you to a different energetic state by the end of class.

The course materials include:

  • A 1 hour streaming class video
  • A downloadable qigong glossary of terms used in the class, how to get the most from class, as well as suggestions for adapting the class for your needs

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Last updated Nov 29, 2023

A 1 hour streaming video, plus downloadable notes on getting the most from this class, and a glossary of qigong terms used.

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Transformative Qigong for Women 2

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